Why ticketlabel


Ticketlabel is a ticket company that is specialized in the unique event experience. We create atractive and personalized shops specialy for your event.
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Personal Video Message


With Ticketlabel, you can give your visitors a personal video message after they have purchased a ticket. This can be a personal thank you message from an artist or someone from your organization. In either case, it is a unique way to bring the artist and event closer to your visitors.

Sell Everywhere


Sell your merchandise and event-related products along with your tickets and increase your revenues. We will add a product photo with options and product prices. Give your visitors a discount on this combo to make it even more attractive.

The Best event experience


At TicketLabel, the event experience comes first, we want to give the best experience to the ticket buyer and the event organizer. From the moment he want to buy a ticket he already get a taste of the event where the ticket buyer might go to.
Our designers see which designs best suit for your new event and ticketshop and make a ticket shop and ticket from there. All of our ticket shops and designs are mobile friendly.
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